We always recommend staying up-to-date with WHMCS in order to benefit from the latest development and improvements. You can do this by having us perform the update for you or by updating using the steps below. Update Service: Have our professional services team update your installation. To do this:. For more information about the Automatic Updater and troubleshooting, see Automatic Updater. Watch the video tutorial for this feature. Some updates may require steps in addition to the standard update steps below.

We provide this information in the Release Notes. Always refer to the release notes for a version before attempting any update. You can use it to perform a new installation or update an existing installation regardless of previous version.

Patch Sets contain only the files that have changed between the immediate previous version and the latest version for example, a patch set for version 1. We provide these to make updating both quicker and easier for those of our customers who stay current and up-to-date with the latest WHMCS releases. By including only the changed files, patch sets have less files to upload, which makes the update process quicker and simpler for you to perform.

For more information on our release types and distribution types, see our Releases page. Advanced users can also perform upgrades from the command line.

If the. Make a Full Backup. We cannot stress enough how important it is to always create a full backup before attempting any kind of update, both for WHMCS and for any other software you use. We recommend that you check the release notes for the version you just installed here. If you have custom template files, you will also need to review and make any necessary changes to your custom templates. For more information, see the Template Changes section of the Release Notes.

Patch Sets contain only the files that have changed between the previous release and the Patch Set Version. Only apply them if you are running the immediately-previous version. The previous release version that we designed these patch sets for is part of the first and smaller number in release notices providing the patch set download link. If it has not incremented, then one or more of the files has not uploaded successfully. Check your file permissions and attempt the steps again from the beginning.

Preparation helps to ensure a seamless updating experience. For more information, see our recommendations for preparation, testing and execution of WHMCS updates. Additionally, you will want to ensure that the database user have access to all of the privileges on the Further Security Steps page. If you have customised templates, make sure to follow the recommended method for creating a custom template folder to ensure your changes aren't overwritten during updates.

Similarly, for language file customisations, make sure that you use the Language Overrides feature instead of editing the language files directly. If, when you first log in, you see a mixed or unclear formatting, your browser may not have updated. What to do if you get a Down for Maintenance or update in Progress message after uploading a patch set. If, after uploading the files from a Patch Set, you see a "Down for Maintenance" or "update in progress To complete the update you will need to download the latest Full Release version and update using the regular update process above.

Our support team is always available to answer any questions or concerns you might have when performing updates. Services Contents. If we released an update recently, you may need to click Check for Updates before the update will display.

Custom Admin Directory? Custom Cron Directory?Your clients are able to register their own accounts through WHMCS although there may be a time when you need to create a new client account manually as an admin user. This guide will go over the input fields and options associated with the Add New Client form. Some of these fields may be optional. More details on those settings can be found here.


Skip to content Hostwinds Guides. First Name : The first name of the client. Last Name : The last name of the client. Company Name : The name of the company the client represents. A strong password should be generated using a tool such as this. After the creation of the new account, the password should be reset and password reset instructions sent to the client. Security Question : The security question used by the client.

If enabled, you should let the client set this themselves.

whmcs update client

You should let the client set this themselves. Late Fees : When enabled, the client is exempt from late fees. Overdue Notices : When enabled, the client does not receive overdue invoice notification emails. Separate Invoices : When enabled, the client will receive separate invoices for each of their services. Marketing Emails Opt-out : When enabled, marketing emails will not be sent to the client. Payment Method : The default payment method for the client.

Billing Contact : The default billing contact for the client. Language : The default display language for the client. Client Group : The user group the client belongs to. Admin Notes : Textbox where admins may leave notes on the account. These notes are only viewable by admins.You can use this section to enter the details for each product you want to add to the order, with the "Add New Product" button at the bottom, allowing you to enter multiple products on the same order.

You can select the product, enter the domain name if there is onechoose the billing cycle, select the quantity, and enter any pricing overrides for example, if you want to give the client a hardcoded price different than what the product normally goes for without using a promotion code.

whmcs update client

If the billing cycle and price override fields have not changed, the system will use the pricing from the shortest configured billing cycle. Use the Quantity option if you want to order multiples of a single product that doesn't require any specific configuration on the initial order such as a domain name and configurable options. For example, if you are selling a software license using our Licensing Addon and the customer wishes to receive 10 licenses, you could use 10 for the Quantity and the system will create 10 services on their account after order submission.

For products that each require a domain and specific configuration, add them one by one using the "Add New Product" button.

The "Domain Registration" section can be used to include a domain name on the order. Use the radio options to select whether this is a new registration or transfer, and enter the domain in this format: yourdomain. For registration, the system will prompt you for the domain name, the number of years to register it for, any applicable addons, and finally any pricing overrides for the registration and future renewal amounts. If there isn't a price override, the system uses the regular price for that TLD.

For transfers, the system will prompt you for the same details, along with the EPP Code also commonly called the Transfer Authorization code from the existing registrar for the domain.

During the client area ordering process, the client supplies this, and you may need to obtain it from them first if it is applicable to the domain you are trying to transfer. After making any changes, you need to click the Save Changes button to save your edits. This allows you to execute any of the commands available in that module. Modules can have custom functions but the most common ones are:. There may be times where a client asks for you to invoice them for the next renewal date early.

Watch the video tutorial for this feature. There will no immediate changes to the product after creating an upgrade order, the actual product or config option changes won't take effect until the invoice is paid. Finally the upgrade email specified in the product configuration is sent to the user advising them of the new products details. The same process can also be used for configurable options changes and billing the difference for those if the product contains them.

For more information, including how to allow clients upgrades and how the upgrade charges are calculated, please refer to the Automated Upgrades and Downgrades section. There may be occasion when you wish to make an upgrade without placing an upgrade order such as a free upgrade or processing the upgrade before the client has paid for it. To achieve this:. The mass update tool in WHMCS allows you to perform changes to 2 or more products inside a clients profile at the same time.

For example you can use this if you want to reduce a clients price on a number of separate products to the same level, execute module commands in bulk or if you would like to bring multiple services in line to a matching due date.GitHub is home to over 50 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together.

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How To Create A Web Hosting Business With Wordpress - WHMCS Tutorial

If nothing happens, download GitHub Desktop and try again. If nothing happens, download Xcode and try again. If nothing happens, download the GitHub extension for Visual Studio and try again. Sharing these changes through GitHub as a read-only repository enables you to quick inspect and import these changes for your custom theme. You can also use it to build your template in a way that can be controlled using Version Control, with the ability to pull in and auto-merge future changes.

The below is an example of how you might check this repository out locally into a custom folder and create a branch for building and tracking the changes for your custom theme:. You can then pull those changes into your custom template branch as follows:. You can easily view any span of changes you like using the Github Comparison View. Simply, select a pair of version tags in that interface! We use optional third-party analytics cookies to understand how you use GitHub.

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Go back. Launching Xcode If nothing happens, download Xcode and try again. Latest commit. Version 8. Git stats 66 commits.The WHMCS automatic updater allows you to choose an update channel that defines the type of updates you will receive. The update channel setting determines the least stable version you are willing to update to:. A temporary path is required for staging of files during an update. The path must be an absolute path i. This option can be used to set a message that will be displayed to both other admin and client users whenever an update is in progress.

When an update becomes available, a notification will appear in the top left corner of admin area as shown below. If a release has just been published you may need to do this to see the update as available prior to the next automated check. Watch the video tutorial for this feature. To troubleshoot upgrade problems it is useful to review this table for the most recent entries the highest id values.

A tool such as phpmyadmin can be used to browse to the table contents. Receiving this error message in the cron job report email or activity log, indicates that an Update Channel setting needs selecting. Next select one of the four available update channel options, and Click Save Changes.

The options are described above. These kinds of file permission and ownership issues are multi-faceted and dependant upon the individual server configuration. The file ownership and group should be the same as the user directory name. Finally, the owner and group of the PHP process seeking to take action should be the same as the user directory name. Other types of server and PHP handlers may have different configuration requirements, the above is intended as a guide for one particular possible combination only.

This error indicates that the server was unable to connect to the WHMCS update server because the security of the connection could not be verified.

The connection is secured using SSL certificates and to verify the certificate your server needs up-to-date root certificates to know which to trust. Please work with your server administrator or hosting provider to ensure the root CA bundles are fully updated on your server. This page describes a feature available in version 7. This is useful for applying minor updates and security releases.

More details below.Version 8. A major version increment such as this gives us the chance to make more significant behind the scenes changes, as well as undertake major feature work that we've been unable to complete and deliver in shorter release cycles. This board will remain open for the next few weeks after the release and will be archived after this time, your threads will then be moved to our normal boards to ensure they remain visible.

Here's the place to do it. Use this board to discuss any issues or problems you are encountering. If you think you've found a bug, please report it here. Rules apply. Community provides.

We add new content from time to time. Follow us on Github for more contents. What's new in our modules. By Wdes Started 1 hour ago. By HostMaria Started 2 hours ago. By HostMaria Started 1 hour ago. By xyzulu Started 12 hours ago. By pjs32 Started 3 hours ago. By jimsweb Started October 3. By brian! Search In. WHMCS 8. Introduce Yourself Introduce yourself here and be sure to come back to welcome others.

Ask them here. Troubleshooting Issues Hotfixes Use this board to discuss any issues or problems you are encountering. Vendor Discussions Discuss Control panels, payment gateways and domain registrars here. Developer Corner Integration, customization and module development, if you have questions, ask them here.

Building Modules Need help while building an extension? Ask your questions here. Share your ideas and vote on others. Competitions From time to time we run community competitions this is the place you'll find them.StackPath is security, speed, and scale for developers. MaxCDN Predictions These predictions are shared collectively by our team. SSL Encrypted Web Traffic Doubles, Again Google has been pushing for more online security, especially given all the breaches in 2014.

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How to update your personal details in the client portal in WHMCS

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whmcs update client

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