Wainwright is safe for now in The Lodge, but the cursed ring on his finger is slowly possessing him. To find out how to break the curse, you'll need to brave a less-than-friendly town and enlist the help of an enigmatic private eye. What could go wrong? Per Mancubus' suggestion, go over and talk with Wainwright and try to remove the ring from his finger.

After failing to remove the ring, Mancubus will suggest that you go into town and attempt to find the local private eye. Leave the Lodge and head into Cursehaven. Follow the marker on your map until you reach the Eye Witness building. Feel free to fight the enemies or simply run past them. Once you've arrived, ring the doorbell to reveal that the detective is not home and seemingly missing. First, to the right of the Eye Witness building, talk to the a woman named Gaddy, who pukes when talking.

Once you arrive, you'll come across an injured Burton the detective who is being attacked by enemies. Fight off the enemies and then go over and revive him. After a bit of small talk, Burton will give you the gate key which can be used to unlock the Dustbound Archives.

return to wainwright borderlands 3 location

Take it from him and then follow the marker on your map until you've reached the Archives. Once you get there, use the react native scrollview bounces back to unlock the gate and head inside. Again, fight the enemies if you want, or just run past them. Upon arrival to the chamber, you'll be greeted by a wave of enemies that you need to defeat.

Once you've taken them all out, interact with the projector in the middle of the room and watch the tape.

Hammerlocked: Borderlands 3 Walkthrough And Guide

To uncover more info, you'll need to explore the Archives and find the hidden holotape. Use the marker on your map to get to the "Public Library" area and then use the stairs or climb a ladder to get to the second floor. Note: You'll be attacked by a wave of enemies, but you don't have to defeat them.

Stand close to the marker on your map which should place you next to a bookshelf. Look down and you'll see a skull that you can interact with to open up a secret room where you'll find the holotape. Now you'll need to track down another holotape, so follow the marker on your screen and you'll encounter a locked door.

To the right of the door is an vent that you can bust open and climb through. Head inside the vent and go left until you find a small opening where you can shoot a corrosive barrel to clear the opening. Leave the vents and go back to the blocked door and make your way into the "Central Database" area.

Head upstairs into the room with the glowing light where you'll be attacked by an Ascendant Grawn. After the tape finishes, Eleanor won't be too happy with all the information you've uncovered and will send a wave of enemies your way that you'll need to defeat. Once you've finished the last one off, you'll need to follow the marker on your map to the Founder's Office.

This will lead you out of the Archives and will eventually cue a cutscene where you'll meet a scary looking Empowered Scholar. As you've probably guessed, you'll need to take down the Empowered Scholar, which won't be an easy task. There are four phases to this fight that you'll need to work through. The longer it takes you to destroy them, the more health it will regain. Once the Empowered Scholar is at half health, it will fly over to a big rock area on the side.

Similar to last time, you'll need to quickly destroy the four shards. However, to reach them all, you'll need to jump on one of the floating rocks that will take you in a loop around the big rock. Note: Once you've destroyed the four shards, stay on your small rock, as the big rock will crumble and fall. Once it's provided a bridge back to the main area, you can jump off.

Similar to last time, hop on the small rock and destroy the Shards as quickly as you can.Wainwright says Clay has the info about where the Vault Key is, fast travel to Reliance to meet him. Clay will head off to a location he just outright disappeared for me and was immediately at the destination.

Head your way there.

return to wainwright borderlands 3 location

Head forward down the path until you reach an area with enemies. Take them all out, then continues further. Once all the enemies are dealt with, head over to the marked spot in the center of the main room. This time the pipe spits out some enemies, along with some more spawning into the room. Take them all out. After a while it will spawn a large armored enemy named Badass Hog, take it out too.

Head up the walkway on the rest of the room, then over on the conveyor belt to continue through a newly opened door. Head through the next rooms to meet Wainwright. Head to the back of the room and drop down to the lower area for a chest, then go back up and up the stairs to continue. Shoot her ice block to break her out and stop the shield regeneration. If she jumps up on to a pedestal of ice to start shooting at you you can shoot this too to knock her down.

When she summons a large snowball that floats up in to the air, it will reach a certain point then rain down a large number of snowballs in the immediately area, so get to the other part of the room if you can when that happens. Keep putting ammo into her while avoiding her homing attacks and she should go down easy. Head over to check on them. Now that you have all the Vault Key fragments, you need to find the way into the vault out on the estate grounds.

Head outside.

Borderlands 3 - All ECHO Logs

Head over to the statue to deal with the first ruin. Listening to the recording beside the statue, the clue should tell you to shoot the statue in the head.GameWith uses cookies and IP addresses. By using our site you agree to our privacy policy. Read this Borderlands 3 story mission walkthrough guide of Lair of the Harpy. Including mission tips, boss fight battles, and more! Several of the enemies that you encounter when heading to and inside Jakobs Manor are Goliaths.

These are tanky enemies that get stronger if you shoot the bucket off their heads. As you head to the theater, you will be constantly fighting against multiple enemies. It is recommended to push from cover to cover to take as little damage as possible. This will lessen the times you take lethal damage and enter Fight For Your Life! Make the most out of the tight spaces in the Manor.

Several enemies will be grouped up together. This is a perfect time to use Splash Damage to hit multiple enemies simultaneously!

When looking for the Clue, head to Monty's Den, and make your way to the Bedroom. There will be a bookshelf there which you can interact with. This will open a new room holding the clue to the Vault Key! Billy is a Raging Goliath that deals heavy damage up close. Most of his attacks require him to be near you in order to quickly put you down.

Keep a safe distance and shoot Billy from afar to slowly start lowering his health. Billy will be able to zip around the map during the fight. However, you can use the purple trails he leaves behind to quickly track down his location. Mostly he will try to get close to you, so when he teleports, run forward to create space. If Billy gets too close, he may attack you that produces a ring around him.

This ring will deal tons of damage to you.

Borderlands 3: Guns, Love and Tentacles Wedding Presents locations

You can evade it by either jumping over it if it's too low, or by crouching if the ring is high. Billy will also summon fireballs that home in on you. They move quite slowly but deal massive damage when they connect. Despite this, you will be able to shoot them down to eliminate the danger. Published and distributed by 2K. Trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Its licensors have not otherwise endorsed and are not responsible for the operation of or content on this site.

Borderlands 3 - Official Page. Your feedbacks will be checked by our staffs and will be attended to accordingly. Please be advised that we may not reply to every individual feedbacks. By clicking Submit you are agreeing to the Terms of Use. Billy is the worst boss in Borderlands' history. Buggy as hell. Transports right in front of you whereever you run. I ran around whole ten or twenty minutes before he got stuck in a column yes, in a column, and coudlnt move, than I beat him.Catch up on all the Borderlands 3 announcements from PAX East, including a reveal of the second campaign add-on and the Steam release coming soon!

And those are just two highlights in the slate of content coming this spring and beyond! Here's a breakdown of all the big Borderlands news we shared during the show, so you can suitably prepare yourself for all the impending mayhem.

Sir Alistair Hammerlock and Wainwright Jakobs are finally tying the knot, and they want you to come celebrate their upcoming nuptials on the ice planet of Xylourgos.

Those adventuresome lovebirds have chosen a venue that's as exotic as it gets; the frozen wastes of Xylourgos have thinned out all but the most vicious wildlife, and the eerie town of Cursehaven where you've all agreed to meet is located beneath the colossal carcass of a fallen monster. Longtime Borderlands fans will be happy to see another familiar face when they touch down on Xylourgos.

Gaige, the genius Mechromancer from Borderlands 2's DLC, has been on the run as a wanted fugitive for years, accompanied by her loyal robot pal Deathtrap. But, never one to leave friends in the lurch, she's graciously taken it upon herself to act as Wainwright and Hammerlock's wedding planner.

Getting everything prepped for the upcoming nuptials seems to be going smoothly—until one of the grooms crosses paths with a band of occultists who worship the Vault Monster's corpse. You'll have to contend with mutated, tentacled zealots who are unlike anything you've encountered in the Borderlands before, all in an attempt to get the chaotic celebration back on track.

Of course, expect plenty of new loot to chase after in this campaign, including additional Legendaries, supremely powerful Class Mods, and fresh cosmetic items like Vault Hunter Heads and Skins, interactive Room Decorations, and all-new Vehicle Skins. It's official: Borderlands 3 is coming to Steam on March 13! All you Vault Hunters looking to make your mark on Steam should add Borderlands 3 to your Steam Wishlist right now so you're notified when it goes live on March 13!

We can't share too much about it just yet, but the above concept art should give you a taste of what's in store for Borderlands 3's third campaign add-on coming this summer. We've got three words for you: outlaws and dinosaurs. Things are coming along nicely for Borderlands 3's third and fourth campaign add-ons, and we're excited to tell you more about them at a later date.

Friendly reminder that if you own the Borderlands 3 Season Passyou're entitled to experience these new adventures as soon as they launch! As you can see above, we also unveiled a high-level roadmap of more big events and updates coming to Borderlands 3 this spring.

First up is Mayhem Mode 2. In this free overhaul of Borderlands 3's endgame, Mayhem Mode will expand with some surprising new modifiers, and you'll be able to change your Mayhem level via your ECHO device rather than needing to return to the console aboard Sanctuary III. Borderlands 3's next free seasonal event will kick off in April, entitled Revenge of the Cartels.

Return to The Lodge The Case of Wainwright Jakobs Borderlands 3

Maurice has run afoul of some space-faring gangs, and the best way to protect him is taking the fight directly to the Cartel thugs who want his hide. You'll have to eliminate key operatives stationed around the galaxy so Maurice can open a portal to a new hideout area where the Cartel has set up shop.

The enemies you'll encounter on the other side of the portal will change based on which division of the Cartel you're up against. In May, those of you looking to really test your mettle can look forward to the second free Takedown content following the Takedown at the Maliwan Blacksite. This next endgame gauntlet will be themed around the Guardians, the mysterious figures of Eridian origin. We'll have more to share about all of these content drops as they draw nearer, so stay tuned—there's lots more mayhem in store for the latter half of If you hadn't already heardEli Roth will be directing the Borderlands movie that's currently in development with Lionsgate and Arad Productions; he took the stage to discuss how he got involved with the project.

Borderlands 3 and SHiFT account required to redeem. Each code may be redeemed once 1 per SHiFT account.Login Login to track your progress. Upgrade To Pro. Pandora - The Droughts. Pandora - Ascension Bluff.

Pandora - Konrad's Hold. Pandora - The Splinterlands. Promethea - Meridian Outskirts. Promethea - Meridian Metroplex. Promethea - Skywell Promethea - Atlas HQ. Promethea - Neon Arterial. Promethea - Lectra City. Eden-6 - Floodmoor Basin.

Eden-6 - Jakobs Estate. Eden-6 - Ambermire. Eden-6 - The Anvil. Eden-6 - Voracious Canopy. Pandora - Guts of Carnivora. Pandora - Devil's Razor. Pandora - Cathedral of the Twin Gods. Eden-6 - Blackbarrel Cellars. Nekrotafeyo - Tazendeer Ruins. Pandora - Carnivora. Nekrotafeyo - Desolation's Edge.

The Handsome Jackpot - Grand Opening. The Handsome Jackpot - The Spendopticon. The Handsome Jackpot - Jack's Secret.To go to the planet for the first time, head to the bottom of the Sanctuary and use the drop pod. After landing at Floormoor Basin, you have to meet Wainwright. The location on the map will be updated as you go.

Shoot through the first barrier you see. Get to the location shown in the map. Lastly, go towards the final location on your map. From the onion slices, just follow the route in front of you. The route will bring you to the control room. You will be able to access the controls to open the doors if you jump from the top.

Hide behind the obstacles to avoid his barrage of bullets and whatnot. The annoying part is probably his minions trying to attack you at the same time. After he reaches a certain health, he will charge and jump towards you constantly instead of just shooting at you.

After the fight, collect all of the loot.

return to wainwright borderlands 3 location

Then, free Hammerlock by shooting at the chain holding the cell. Ordinary Reviews is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to amazon. Your task is to help Wainwright rescue Hammerlock and defeat the boss Warden. This mission is recommended for level 20 and above.

Head to Eden-6 Your first objective is to go to Eden Select the destination using the controller. Use drop pod To go to the planet for the first time, head to the bottom of the Sanctuary and use the drop pod. Grab the vehicle and head towards the location. Get down and kill the enemies. Take them all out. You will then be introduced to Wainwright Jakobs. Enter the building and talk to him. Meet Meatballs Your next objective is to meet Meatballs.

You need to get to the elevator as shown in the map. Use the lever to go down. Go all the way until you reach The Anvil. Your objective is to open the gate but you have to clear the way first. You will then be introduced to Meatballs who is also known as Brick. He is pure brute force. Talk to Brick After the fight, talk to Brick. Follow Brick. Along the way, you have to kill the attackers inside the building. Defeat ambush attackers Once you reach the stadium-like area, you will be ambushed by attackers.

Find Crunk Bunny Once the area is secure, Brick will open the door for you. Talk to her to proceed.Once you've found them all, Tannis will be able to triangulate the location of the secret Typhon Dead Drop cache and unlock it for you. Collect all three Typhon Journals so Tannis can triangulate the location of Typhon's Dead Drop cache and unlock it for you.

She's invited you to Jakobs Manor to negotiate. It's almost certainly a trap. It's also the only way to find the Eden-6 Vault Key. Murl needs you to spy on the bog witch, Azalea Splinters, and find out what she been up to. He fears she may have broken her vows to Return to Murl 03speak to him, open shack door, deposit red mushrooms into cauldron, and take Black Flame equip Black Flame.

It looks like Aurelia's been cleaning house, but like, in a murdery way. Find out what she's trying to hide.

To unlock trap door on the stage, you have to use three switches to set correct stage design. Hints are on the poster lying on the ground next to the switches. On most maps you will find hidden Crew Challenges. They appear on the map as you approach them. Crew Challenges can be treated as optional tasks. Typhon Logs are a special type of Crew Challenges. Red Chests are a special type of container with better weapons or equipment. They are treated as a reward. They are located in specific places, they are hidden or well protected by Bosses.

They belong to the Zone Progress of a given zone map. There are from one to three Red Chests in each zone. Borderlands 3 lets you teleport from anywhere to any previously discovered Fast Travel station or even your most recently used vehicle, all via the map in your ECHO device, this also include Fast Travel stations on other planet. The Quest Giver can be an NPC, an item, or the quest starts automatically at the entrance to the location.

Vehicles you encounter are yours for the taking. You can always digistruct a vehicle at any Catch-A-Ride station, but there's also the option of a quick hijacking if aggressive bandit drivers get too close.

Vending Machine with Weapons and Equipment. In addition to buying, you can also sell your equipment here.

return to wainwright borderlands 3 location

At the beginning of the game you can't do anything about Eridian Writings, they will be needed later when the story comes to the right moment. Friendly NPCs provide interaction, conversation, or give missions. You also often come back to them for prizes. You can take this vehicle, drive it or take it to Catch-A-Ride station to own it. If you disassembly it at Catch-A-Rideyou will acquire new components for your vehicle.

Player Customization. Explore skill builds, by resetting your invested skill points! Each comment will be read and the information contained therein used to improve the content of this page. Thank You.

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