Some of the previous generation i7 NUCs have been really noisy compared to their lower end siblings. This time however, the whole range of Bean Canyon NUCs have a TDP of 28 watts and the whole range share the same new and improved cooling solution with a larger 80mm fan that does feature a nicer noise profile than the previous fan assembly did. I was quite happy with the noise levels of the i7 NUC.

It basically was pretty quiet during normal desktop related tasks and even under stress it did not became too loud. Of course noise is very subjective so your mileage may vary. In any case the difference, if such really exists, is small. However, there are no downsides beside the price for choosing the i7 over the other NUCs, so cannot really fault it in that sense. Below you can find the prices of the various components on different Amazon sites.

Did you have the same fan settings in bios?

nuc8i7beh fan noise

Sorry, it was a bit late when writing that. Maybe the noise is just a bit different because of the smaller BEK case vs. Neither of them is noisy nor quiet. How about the possibility of adding an external thunderbolt gpu enclosure with a nvidia card. Woukd that be enough to turn it into an upgradable games machine?

I can provide an update shortly. How long is turbo retained when having power limit increased and cooling preference set to cool instead of balanced or quiet in the bios? Can you replace the stock thermal compound with some nicer aftermarket ones not liquid metal and see if there is any big improvements? I was wondering if you ever made it home as i am wondering when the power consumption report will be up.

Did you ever get a chance to go back and test the power consumption on this? This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Email Address. Skip to content Blog posts Fan noise, Power consumption, Conclusions Some of the previous generation i7 NUCs have been really noisy compared to their lower end siblings.

Task Sound level Noise floor Previous page. Me says:. November 14, at Olli says:. Mat says:. November 16, at November 17, at Meghan McCarthy says:. January 5, at Austin Sealey says:. March 4, at Joe Duarte says:.The browser version you are using is not recommended for this site. Please consider upgrading to the latest version of your browser by clicking one of the following links. Content Type Troubleshooting.

Article ID If you've tried all the steps listed above and your Intel NUC still has overheating or thermal issues, Intel Customer Support can help. Click Contact Support below to find the support options for your region. Be ready to explain the steps you tried. Contact support. Characters remaining: We appreciate all feedback, but cannot reply or give product support. Please do not enter contact information.

If you require a response, contact support. Safari Chrome IE Firefox. Support Navigation Support. Close Window. Processor thermal trip errors. Temperature monitoring software reports high temperatures.

Press F9 to load defaults. Place the Intel NUC in a well-ventilated area. Check for obstructions around the Intel NUC's air vents.Previously I discovered that the heat pipe and the fan of the i3 Coffee Lake NUC were much improved when compared to the previous generation.

The TDP increase from 15 watts to 28 watts required Intel to update it and they did a reasonably good job with it. The noise it makes sounds also more pleasant than that of a smaller fan. While using the NUC for standard desktop tasks the fan was relatively quiet but not inaudible. The following power consumption figures were taken with a simple Brennenstuhl EM watt meter.

I tried the very fresh Ubuntu Linux WiFi, Bluetooth, network adapter etc. There are very few reasons to choose the i5 over the very similar i3 as a HTPC, but of course you might have a certain use case that just requires a bit more CPU power than the i3 can deliver.

The power consumption during video playback using MadVR was 49 watts. LibreELEC 8. This is probably the best desktop replacement NUC of this generation. Plenty of power in a small package. The fan noise has been kept down to reasonable levels, even if it is a bit noisier than the i3 model. Below you can find the prices of the various components on different Amazon sites.

Thanks again for your review. Very curious about the fifa18 benchmarks. Already have my nuc8i3 and Evo, but still waiting for my ram…. Another solid review and much appreciated! Will you be posting a review of the i7 version? If so, when do you expect that to be done? Much appreciated review!

I find the performance with relation to power consumption very interesting. Especially when comparing to the i3 version, where the i5 perform more than twice the perfromance.

I suppose the cinebench score of p is with power consumption equal the prime95 of 74W, i. What is the steady-state performance of the i5 version when consuming around 50W, which is also equal to the i3 version during the same load? Maybe the fantasitc Cirrus 7 nimbini 2. Cirrus 7 looks very interesting, but also very overpriced.

They need to reconsider prices and sell that case separately. FYI:Fanless cirrus7 nimbini v2. Also cirrus7 shop claims BT 4. As usual, a great review.

I bought my Skylake i5 NUC 2. When running applications that handle multiple cores, the power consumption and fan speed seem identical.

I suppose that is because the CPU core frequency gets adjusted as high as possible before a certain power consumption read: heat generation level is reached.The browser version you are using is not recommended for this site. Please consider upgrading to the latest version of your browser by clicking one of the following links. Nik Customer asked a question. However I noticed that the fan kicks in very often for no apparent reason different speeds.

After some investigation I came to know that the cpu core speeds is cycling constantly to all kinds of different speeds, within seconds I see core speeds ranging from mhz to mhz from HWINFO toolwhile I'm doing nothing with the pc! Consequently the temperatures fluctuate a lot from the high 40s to the the mid 90s. At one moment the temperature can be 50c and a second later it's all of a sudden 75c.

It's basically a clean windows 10 install so nothing special is happening on the pc. Is it normal that the temperature goes all the way up to 95c during normal desktop use? What you are seeing is all of the background maintenance tasks that Windows 10 runs.

This is perfectly normal - as are the temperatures that you are seeing.


The fan noise can be very high and makes the experience in a quite room quite bad to be honest. Are there any improvements I can do? I already set the cooling options to quiet in the visual bios, but that didn't do much. I also had this behavior.

It is VERY annoying and also means that the actual settings you did for the fans do not apply. Then I disconnected the device from power and pressed the power button a habid from olden times when that helped to get rid of residial power in the cirquit; might help, might not, but it does no harm.

I kept the NUC disconnected from power for a minute before I reconnected and then booted it up again. This happened a few times with BIOS version and has stopped with later versions. On which version are you? I give up. Only the presets seem to work I'm currently on 'Quiet' profile - which is not completely quiet, but bareable Tbh, I wished I just spent 3k on the new apple mini, because going back from macOs to win10 is also not so nice Latest 58?

I remember that - in some BIOS Versions - Intel had a bug, making it necessary to load BIOS defaults every time before making changes to custom setting as they were not applied without this step.

Trust me, tried all of that. Including bios update through recovery mode. Havent seen an empty Kit only containing Case, Mainboard and APU so I can configure the rest depending on my needs and preferencesbut since Intel wont be alone anymore Intel may finally feel compelled to tackle such issues. The complaints about loud fans aren't really new, but Intel doesn't seem to have any real interest in solving them. Maybe the customers just have to vote with their feet.Take the bottom plate off with the 4 screwfeet.

Disconnect the wifi antenna and other cables with plug connectors. Remove the foam pad things which you'll want to put back later by peeling them away.

Make sure you have removed and microSD memory cards you may have put in the slot. The hard part It will feel like it's still connected, but it isn't. It's just tight in there. Grab that USB housing on the inside of the nuc and wiggle it until the board budges a little. You need to put a little outward up if you tiled the NUC like I noted above pressure on the case around the ports to give them some clearance.

Once it budges a millimeter, it's easy to take out. BTW, the stock thermal paste is surprisingly really good. I felt like it was a huge waste of my time replacing it with Kryonaut. Thank you for the guidelines. I was not sure to remove foam pads. For the rest I exactly did what you described and indeed felt still very connected.

Replacing the thermal paste is indeed for me a last resort to lower the temp under stress in the hope the fan doesnt kick in so frequently. Also, be careful with the pads underneath the copper heatsink once you get the board out and flipped over. The heatsink is direct contact with the CPU die, but has heat pads between the copper and the two other components.

They're some kind of squishy not really foam pads. Leave them there and don't go anywhere near them with the thermal paste. Actually these are thermal pads.Now with Coffee Lake-U and Thunderbolt 3. Intel is currently offering five different SKUs of the new family as described below. Best Displaysfor University Students.

Since Thunderbolt is one of the most versatile ports out there, we're sure most users will welcome the change. The Intel is capable of transfer rates of up to 1. Most home networks are not equipped to take advantage of such fast speeds and so the can be considered future-proof. Our recorded transfer rates below are much slower than the theoretical maximum since our server is limited by a 1 Gbps line. Both the top and bottom plates can be removed without any tools. Access to the CPU, battery, and cooling solution requires additional disassembly.

The official Intel technical manual can be found here. Intel offers three-year international limited warranty for its NUC products as standard. Unfortunately, performance degrades very quickly and its score subsequently drops by about 17 percent during the second loop.

The final result is a processor that only edges out the iU by a tinier margin than we had hoped. The initial burst in performance is short-lived and we investigate this further in our Stress Test section below.

Raw CPU performance is still faster than both the Ryzen 5 U and Ryzen 7 U even after accounting for the performance throttling. See our dedicated page on the Core iU for more technical information and benchmark comparisons. Nonetheless, system performance is fluid and we experienced no crashes or errors during our time with the unit. The UHD Graphics as found on nearly every Ultrabook within the past two years is about 50 percent slower.

Gaming performance is similar to the GeForce MX or MX meaning that most modern titles are generally unplayable at p. See our dedicated page on the Iris Plus Graphics for more technical information and benchmark comparisons. The results are comparable to most Ultrabooks if not a tad louder, but users would be less likely to notice on the NUC since mini PCs tend to sit farther away from the user.

Higher loads like gaming will bump fan noise to 39 dB A which is again slightly louder than most Ultrabooks under similar conditions.

Coffee Lake i7 NUC Review (NUC8i7BEH)

Because of throttling, however, fan noise when gaming may eventually drop to just 34 dB A and so the louder fan would only be temporary during the first few seconds of stress. The system is quieter than the last generation Skull Canyon in all cases.

Surface temperatures when idling are in the low 20 C range while higher processing stress can cause hot spots to become as warm as 30 C. The rear ventilation grilles can be up to 55 C and so we don't recommend impeding airflow or standing the system on its side against its many grilles.

We run synthetic loads to stress the system and identify for any potential throttling or stability issues. When subjected to Prime95 load, the CPU can be observed running as fast as 4. Thereafter, clock rate immediately drops to a steady 2. When considering that the base clock rate of the iU is 2.Remember to leave a space for the answer. Got a top tip we haven't listed. Sounds too good to be true, but it's legit. Several forumites have got lucky:On my sixth check I won.

nuc8i7beh fan noise

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So unless the closing date's near, don't buy first. Social media is a godsend for compers.

Troubleshooting Overheating or Thermal Issues on Intel® NUC

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nuc8i7beh fan noise

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