Login or Sign Up. Posts Latest Activity. Page of 1. Filtered by:. Previous template Next. This will be a step by step on retrofiting the lights for the Honda civic coupe. Bi-Xenon Morimoto Mini H1 6.

Last edited by daniel ; October 2nd,PM. Reason: Added more pictures. Tags: None. October 3rd,AM. I just put the d2s 3. But I had to cut a much bugger hole lol. Comment Post Cancel. October 3rd,PM. Great job! Nice to see another 8thGen! Are you using the bi-xenon function of the MH1s? Are you keeping the DRLs on? I have not activated the bixenon yet. Need to order the high beam splitter. But I'm planning on disabling the halogen high beam.

Oem drl's were disabled by unplugging the fuse. They come on when key is turned to ON. Nice write up, thanks for taking the time.

mh1 projector

Very thorough! October 4th,PM. Nice write up. I tried to do a write up when I did mine in my em1 but only took like 2 pics. October 7th,PM. I've been toying with the idea of a retro on my 08 sedan. This detailed write up helped make my decision.

mh1 projector

Thanks from a newbie! Last edited by civex08 ; October 7th,PM.Upgrade Mini 2. Britune Auto Parts britunetrading Headlights Projector Lens. Parts For BMW. Angel Eyes Projector Lens. Foglights Projector Lens. Mini 2. With long lifespan and high transmittance. Projector Material: Metal. Can withstand degree temperature. High Beam Pattern: With wider range, brings the super light output to your road.

Fits for H4, H7 Headlight. For other headlight type, this kit will also fit. Feature: Bi-xenon projectors lensoffer both high lights and low lights function. Clear Cut-Off Line, won't blind the drivers coming from the opposite direction. Package includes: 2 x 2. Note: This listing doesn't include the ballasts and bulbs. To speed up your order, please let us know your detail request, such as color temp, bulb type etc. Any extra charges generated by customs clearance must be borne by the buyer.

Please keep all the product labels originally as maintainance certificate. The output of ballast is high votage line, please do not cut it for rejoint, it's not safe and can not get maintenance.Eight is Great: Morimoto invented the Mini and has always set the benchmark high when it came to the H But no matter how many imitations popped up over the years, the competition just couldn't compare.

In fact, no alternative ever even caught up to the 7. It's not that the 8. Advantage: Let's keep it simple and make a list of everything new about the Mini H1 8. The new blue AR clear lens. The ECE sloped beam pattern.

The MotoHo1der precision bulb holders are now standard equipment, and the blue anodized lock ring is stronger and more strip-free than ever. The distribution of light as good as ever.

Your ability to see is maximized. Quad Perfection: If you've been dying to do a quad projector retrofit but don't have the space inside your lights for something bigger, there's never been a better time. Now that the compact Mini H1 projector uses a slope style cutoff to match it's bigger brothers like the D2S 5. Oh yeah! Easy Install: The Mini H1 8.

Quad MH1 Projector Retrofit Driving Video

Simply remove fog light lens, insert the threaded mounting shaft through the pre-existing hole in the back of the reflector, hand-tighten, check rotation, tighten, and re-seal fog lights.

Minimal cutting involved. Check out the Installation Procedure for the Mini H1 8. The Morimoto bi-xenon projectors' provide an insane amount of additional light on demand. Full size shrouds are also compatible with the Mini's using the centric rings. It utilizes a three-piece design that's way more effective but virtually no bigger overall than the old paperclip setup.

mh1 projector

The clever three-piece design provides even pressure on the back of the bulb, ensuring perfect alignment. To be honest, we think it's the single best upgrade to Morimoto's bi-xenon projectors that's ever been conceived since it helps make the most of the awesome Mini H1 8.

Well worth the extra few bucks in the grand scheme of things! Anti-Reflective Coating Lens: The blue tint to the lens is more than marketing fluff too. That's an AR coating, and it serves a real purpose. AR coatings increase the transmission of light through the glass all while decreasing bleed.Warranty- 1 year ballast, 60 days bulbs. Morimoto MH1 7. Warranty 5 years ballasts, 2 years bulbs. Warranty 5 years. Fx -R 3. Check if this part fits your vehicle. Atlanta Custom Headlights.

Condition is New. We have built custom headlights since Built when ordered. Please allow minimum of two weeks for shipment. Mainly waiting on specific parts you may want.

Product not found!

Competitive pricing. Send me a message if you would like a quote for your own unique custom built headlights. Any make and model. Don't over pay with the other guys. We only use high quality parts that comes with years of warranty. Sure you can attempt to do the retrofit yourself but why not let experience professionals do it for you. With the price of parts being expensive, its kind of taking a chance. One scratch and it will haunt you until you do something about it.

Very easy to scratch if not wiped or handled correctly. These lights are very bright and safe. Great for driving at night. They are not like the fake aftermarket dummy projectors that use halogen bulbs. Read the reviews on the after market headlights with projectors. Easy to install but if not confident you can hire a independent automotive shop to install.

Should take around an hour to complete. We can provide clear instructions if you wish to tackle the job yourself.The retroquick xenon projector kits from Retrofitlab contains everything you need to change your current halogen headlights or older xenon to new, professional, durable and high quality xenon lightning.

Bi-xenon: Morimoto Mini H1 8.0

These xenon kits are called retroquick because we created special adapter plates which fit perfectly on your car.

You will see that intstalling the xenon kit with this plates will be extremely simple. Each kit contains a number of user-defined components. A retroquick xenon projector kit contains:. We provide 2 years warranty on every retroquick projector kit.

You also get free personal customer support from Retrofitlab and depending on the type an installation video to give you a step by step installation guide for your brand new xenon lights. Depending on your retrofit skills, it takes about half a day to install a retroquick xenon kit in your car. The gain?

Retroquick Projector Kits

Unprecedented light output, a very sharp cutoff, professional and high quality parts that last for years, relaxed driving because you now can finally see everythinglights approved for the MOT test and a luxurious look of your car. Agree Settings Only use functional and analytical cookies. Worldwide shipment 14 days to return 2 year warranty Shipped within 2 business days High quality materials. Products Retroquick Projector Kits. Motor retroquick kits.DOT Reg ulate ' d:.

Headlights vehicles with license plates. Headlights vehicles without license plates or DOT registration. Export, International address required. Revised optics paired with a cast-curved cutoff shield produces one of the widest beam patterns we've ever seen. AR-Coated Optically clear lenses maximize intensity throughout, and keep the ECE-slope cutoff line sharp, colorful, and attractive.

The standard MotoHo1der bulb holders are so much more precise than the old crappy spring-loaded units. Result: Maximum light on the ground, zero glare to oncoming traffic. Shrouds : Basically, they're the trim piece that adds the finishing touch to your new fog light retrofit.

They cover the projector after it's installed to restore the factory-finished look inside the housings. With so many different shapes, sizes, and designs available, we really recommend picking one that suits the geometry inside of your fog lights, and also your personal preference on how they look.

Check out all of the projector shroud options we offer and take your pick! They are available in both 35w and 50w versions, use proprietary software by the pros at Hylux paired with packaging perfection from the masters at Morimoto. This is today's most modern iteration of a model that has sold more than half a million units since inception, and we don't think it can really get any better!

H1 HID Bulbs : Homegrown by Morimoto to out-perform any alternatives on the market when installed in projector-based fog lights--and it shows. We admit the latest generation XB HID bulbs are pretty impressive when compared to other bulbs, and even older Morimoto bulbs.

In our annual lux comparison test, they produced nearly the same luminosity intensity as the industry benchmark Osram CBI bulbs at K. No, you're not seeing things here, but yes you will be seeing everything at night.

Wire Harness : As one of the most important parts in any HID lighting upgrade; don't skimp out when it comes to your wiring. It doesn't matter how good your ballasts are. How good your bulbs are. If your harness is a piece of crap, when it gives out your lights are gonzo. Morimoto's harnesses are the best on the market and easily worth their premium price compared to cheaper alternatives. No matter which one is right for your application, the harness features triple-sealed central relay packs, 14ga stranded copper wiring, over-molded fittings, and plug-n-play functionality.

This will ensure everything properly and permanently works with your vehicle's original in-cabin controls. Optional Precision Bulb Holders: Designed by Morimoto in California, the new MotoHo1der utilizes a three-piece design that's way more effective but virtually no bigger overall than the old clip setup.

The clever three-piece design provides even pressure on the back of the bulb, ensuring perfect alignment. To be honest, we think it's the single best upgrade to the projector that's ever been conceived since it helps make the most of the awesome 7. Well worth the extra few bucks in the grand scheme of things! Optional Canbus Harnesses : Instead of a traditional relayed harness that draws power from the battery, Morimoto's Standalone Canbus harnesses use two individual sub-harnesses to keep a load on the factory wiring.

Recommended for vehicles that recognize when a bulb is out, these contain a series of capacitors and resistors to trick the car into thinking nothing has changed and help you avoid annoying "bulb out" warnings. We generally recommend them for use on most modern European applications instead of normal harnesses since they do a great job at providing stable power to the ballasts and canceling bulb out warnings.

Not only are they the brightest, most uniformly lit halos currently on the market, but they double as a switchback turn signal with your blinker circuit. The integrated controllers are extremely easy to setup with only three wires white, amber, and ground and allow you to run the white mode continuously until interrupted by the signal--at which point they will blink amber.

Once the signal stops, the Pivot ring will automatically switch back to its pure white mode. Optional Housing Sealant: Protection is priceless!Their last 2 Europa games have ended in a 0-0 home draw and a 1-0 loss in Cologne.

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