Army form used for recording and controlling the inspection and maintenance of equipment. A fillable blank DA form is available for digital filing and download below or can be obtained through the Army Publishing Directorate Website.

The DA is used to record any inspections carried out on equipment that is in possession of the Armed Forces. This form is primarily used together with a corresponding technical manual for the particular part of the equipment that is being inspected or worked on.

First, identify the organization working on a piece of equipment in Box 1. Boxes 2 through 6 are used for providing identifying details of the equipment that is being worked on. Add operation information applicable to the chosen equipment: miles, hours, hot starts and other measuring criteria. Box 7 is used for listing all technical manuals that are being used.

When using more than two manuals, provide identifying information on an additional copy of the form and attach it to your worksheet. The service member responsible for maintaining or inspecting the equipment must certify the document with their signature and add a correct date in Boxes 8 and 9 together with a maintenance supervisor. The amount of service time required has to be listed in Box The rest of the space given on the form is used for listing and identifying the inspected items in the maintenance records.

Every item number and status has to be identified individually in Columns A and B. Any equipment problems have to be listed in Column C, Deficiencies and Shortcomings. The necessary correcting actions for improving the item have to be listed in Column D. Column E is used for signing off every piece of equipment with the initials of the maintenance personnel.

After the form is fully filled, the records are to be kept with the equipment in case of a need for further reference in other maintenance operations. The maintenance group should also save a copy of the DA form to maintain an active record of all completed inspections performed on the equipment.

Download the document to your desktop, tablet or smartphone to be able to print it out in full. Table of Contents. What is DA Form ? What is the DA Form Used for? Download pdf Fill PDF online times. Show Pagination. Indicates a deficiency in the equipment that places. How to Rent out a House? Featured Tags Bill of Sale U. Please read before printing.

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Learn More. TAGS :. How Can We Help? Caterpillar Brands. Solar Turbines.Make heavy equipment inspections quicker, easier and more organised with this editable form template. Here's a general equipment inspection checklist to streamline and standardise your equipment inspections. Use this excavator inspection checklist to better manage pre start and daily excavator inspections.

Ensure those all-important ladder inspections get done safely and properly. Keep all of your batteries working and safe using this reliable battery maintenance framework.

This machinery inspection checklist can be used for your heavy machinery, plant and truck checklists. Use this general and reliable checklist template for any or all of your lifting equipment. Keep your concrete mixers spinning smoothly and safely using this reliable template.

This safety harness inspection checklist template can be used as a baseline procedure for ensuring safe safety harnesses. Create a reliable procedure and ensure every full body harness inspection requirement is ticked of using this checklist. Keep your roller compactors rolling using this checklist at a regular and reliable cadence. Ensure all of your crane hooks are inspected and well maintained using this checklist. Make sure all of the checks and inspections required to ensure safe crane operation have been performed before every use.

See more plant, equipment and asset templates. Equipment inspections and equipment inspection forms have moved mostly away from paper and towards word docs, PDFs and excel spreadsheets. But these rigid documents haven't solved the admin and logistics headaches associated with administrating all of this information and manually entering data.

Proper digital documents do solve these admin headaches, by connecting and integrating the office and the site. Workers can document inspections directly on site with a mobile or tablet device, and all of these records are automatically synced to the cloud. Project managers and administrators get all of these inspection records and standardised data in real-time, so that equipment is properly inspected, organised, tracked and maintained.

Plenty of workers and companies live the idea of going 'paperless', but there are still plenty of times when an equipment inspection form needs to take the form of a hard copy or paper-based record. Any or all of the equipment inspection forms captured inside of these templates can be instantly generated as a PDF or CSV document. You can print it out, download it or share it in an email, just like you would with any paper based record. Smarter equipment inspection forms also open up other possibilities for you and your company.

Because all of the data being captured inside of the equipment inspection forms is standardised and digital, a system can aggregate all of that data and display it into visual dashboards and graphs. Most companies and workers have to manage all of their fragmented records and proof across multiple systems and folders. Using digital forms, you can 'attach' photos and videos to an inspection form from inside of the app.

This means that none of your proof ever gets lost, and that every piece of evidence is always right where you need it to be and consolidated in one place.Already have an account? Log in. Sign up. If you need more help, please contact our support team. Check out inspection forms to easily collect field service data for inspections and audit in the workplace.

JotForm simple drag and drop form builder makes it quick and easy to build any kind of inspection forms. Here is a detailed Property Inspection Report composed for all rooms and components in your house, that allows you to upload photos of the areas that are inspected either from your computer or directly from the camera.

This fire alarm system report form template is to monitor, inspect, test and evaluate all the fire alarm system devices you have by gathering company details with system information, inspection details, etc.

Above you will find a guest room checklist form utilized by housekeeping staff to streamline to the process post guest checkout. During the cleaning process, the maid can quickly check off the state of the room and can mark down sections of the room that need to be repaired.

Your guest room checklist form template can be customized to collect information that is relevant to the type of accommodations your provide. Use this guest room checklist template as a basis for your form and then customize it with widgets or apps to make information collection easier. This home inspection agreement template asks for the client's info, the realtor's info, the contract agreement, and the entire terms and conditions with a payment filed for upfront payments. If you sell a vehicle, this receiving checklist form is useful for you.

This receiving form template allows gathering job number, delivery company, vehicle type, date and vehicle check that includes side lights, fog lights, main beam.

Inspection Forms

Concerned about safety? Fill out the form and collaborate with the inspection. This form allows for people to request free inspection of their properties' structural foundation.

equipment inspection form

Has really good questions that allows users to specifically describe the issue. Form used for structure inspections. Useful for the construction industry. Inspection form template for building constructions. Template helps in the construction industry, ideal for engineers and architects.

Foundation inspection form like concretes, blocks, doors, windows and etc. A form for construction related business. A detailed cleaning inspection form designed with several sections to be filled out for each task. Truck Inspection Checklist for the assigned personnel to provide regular reports of their assigned tasks and the overall situation of the trucks. This form is used for camera inspections of septic systems, typically provided for potential buyer in real estate transactions.Improper treadmill maintenance resulted in a fitness center patron suffering severe injuries.

After investigating the accident it became clear the fitness area supervisor had been warned about the loose belt by several other patrons and failed to pass that information to the maintenance staff. In addition, this particular treadmill was missing a safety key, which would have at least prevented the friction burns. A young man suffered serious injuries when a weight fell from a bar and landed on his foot.

The fitness center had recently purchased new bars, which were a different size and style from their old ones. The new bars were not compatible with their old weight collars and did not fit securely enough. He suffered several fractures throughout his foot. There are literally hundreds of different types of fitness equipment available today.

equipment inspection form

Discussing the maintenance of each specific type could take a lifetime. Some types of fitness equipment have dozens of moving parts, while others are as simple as a single dumbbell, but they all have maintenance requirements to ensure they are safe and effective for all patrons. To learn about the hazards specific to a particular piece of fitness equipment we recommend referring to resources provided by the manufacturer. The user guide will also advise about replacement parts, proper cleaning, scheduled maintenance and much more.

A good practice once you find the user good is to maintain a hard copy for each type of fitness equipment and include the inspection checklists to keep track of all services performed. If you have difficulty locating a user guide contact the manufacturer of the equipment and they should be able to help you locate it.

Frequency for inspecting fitness equipment varies greatly depending on both the type and make of the fitness equipment. Since equipment at fitness facilities receive regular use it is recommended to inspect them at least once a week.

Inspecting Fitness Equipment

Below you will find a convenient fitness equipment inspection checklist that will enable you to fill out the information necessary for each type of fitness equipment along with what specific components to inspect. A common practice for many organizations with fitness equipment is to lease their equipment. If this is what your organization does it is still a good practice to conduct weekly inspections since most leasing companies will not inspect their equipment this frequently.

Filling out the inspection sheet for leased equipment is still important because it can keep track of defects and issues that the leasing company will need address during their routine servicing. Contact the leasing company as soon as possible so they can promptly repair it.

You should also keep records of every time they service the machines. Utilizing a service contractor for routine equipment inspections, repairs, and maintenance is a great idea for organizations that own a lot of fitness equipment.

These contractors may be independent or be from the equipment manufacturers. It is a good practice whenever these professionals perform any type of service to maintain a written record. These records should include dates, services performed, and the name of contractor.

Because these visits will occur relatively infrequently, it is the recommended practice to still complete weekly fitness equipment inspections. Referenced throughout this document is the Fitness Equipment Inspection Checklist. The five custom fields should contain the most important areas to inspect and should be unique to each type of fitness equipment. For example, inspecting the tension and alignment on treadmill belts and foot pedals on exercise bike will be important ones to note.

Making a checklist for each type of equipment will ensure they are inspected properly and remain safe for all patrons to use. Inspecting Fitness Equipment Real-Life Stories Burns from a Treadmill Improper treadmill maintenance resulted in a fitness center patron suffering severe injuries.

Free Weights Crush Foot A young man suffered serious injuries when a weight fell from a bar and landed on his foot. Common Fitness Equipment Issues There are literally hundreds of different types of fitness equipment available today. Leased Fitness Equipment A common practice for many organizations with fitness equipment is to lease their equipment.

Fitness Service Contractors Utilizing a service contractor for routine equipment inspections, repairs, and maintenance is a great idea for organizations that own a lot of fitness equipment.Maintaining equipment in the workplace and on industrial sites can be hard work.

With the increased capitalisation and automation of workplaces all over the world, equipment now plays a more pivotal role than ever before. But there is a trade-off to everything, and more equipment requires more maintenance and more care.

equipment inspection form

One of the best ways in which companies and workers prioritise which equipment to work on, maintain and repair is by performing equipment inspection checklists at regular intervals - but even these inspections can be incredibly time-consuming and resource intensive. The equipment inspection checklist template to the right is a quick and easy way to improve your inspection processes. The template comes pre-built with a general inspection format for any type of equipment, and the template can be customised to suit specific pieces of equipment at the company or team level.

By standardising your equipment inspections using this checklist framework, you can ensure that everyone is performing the right checks on the equipment, and that you will find and surface any issues which need actioning. You can access and complete this checklist on a mobile device phone or tablet to conduct equipment inspections on the fly, store the completed inspections online, and then export the resulting checklist results as a hard copy PDF or CSV document.

Improve how equipment inspection checklists are conducted and organised on your projects and sites using this template. Dashpivot is user friendly software which helps people better manage their equipment and assets.

Streamline and automate the maintenance request process to make maintenance requests easy and painless for everyone. Ensure those all-important ladder inspections get done safely and properly. Use this template now. Use this equipment inspection checklist template to streamline and standardise your equipment inspections.

Equipment Inspection Checklist template. Preview the full template. How does this equipment inspection checklist template work? Preview this equipment inspection checklist template below.

DA Form 2404 "Equipment Inspection and Maintenance Worksheet"

Open the inspection checklist and try customising the template for yourself. Use and edit this equipment inspection template for free now. This equipment inspection template is created and completed with Dashpivot, making checklists easy:. Other popular templates you can use for free now.

Maintenance Request Form template Streamline and automate the maintenance request process to make maintenance requests easy and painless for everyone. Crane Inspection Checklist Streamline daily or monthly crane inspections on any type of crane. Ladder Inspection Checklist Ensure those all-important ladder inspections get done safely and properly. See how. Click here to use this template for free.Safety Inspections are essential to ensuring and effective safety program.

These Inspection forms can be edited to suit your specific situation and safety programs. Use these safety inspection forms for management or safety committee inspections. A routine safety inspection consists of the following steps:.

Equipment Inspection Forms

Introduction by the Safety Inspector and opening conference with a designated employer representative familiar with site specific safety requirements. Facility walkthrough with the designated representative to identify safety and health hazards and controls. Safety documentation review. See How to Prepare for a Safety Inspection for a list of safety documentation that will be reviewed during an inspection.

equipment inspection form

Closing conference-addressing findings of the safety inspection, specific violations resulting from the inspection, explanation of any fines or penalties. Designate an employer representative familiar with the hazards of the operation and the location of all the safety documentation. Perform self-inspections of the facility and of your safety programs at least on an annual basis. Document findings. Employees performing the inspections must be trained to identify hazards.

Safety materials created by safety professionals. Access to the Safety Manager software. Wide variety of safety videos and courses. New To Safety? Please contact us first, if you would be interested in reselling or using our materials for reproduction.

Inside the Members Library. Topic Index. Training Videos. Library Index. Training Materials. Safety Management Resources. Safety Manager Software.

Employee Info 2. Accident Reports 3. Incident Reports 4. Lockout - Tagout 5. Corrective Actions 6. Equipment Safety 7.

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