As part of the Unified Community Platform project, your wiki has been migrated to the new platform. Read more here. Chronormu is a female bronze dragon often involved with mortal affairs. As one of the most important members [3] of the bronze dragonflightshe seeks to maintain and restore various timelines of importance in Azeroth's recent history.

Chronormu's preferred guise when dealing with mortals is Chromiea charismatic female gnome. Note: As a time-traveling dragon, the order in which events occur for Chronormu is difficult to determine.

The material presented below is in the order that the player encounters her for ease of reading. Andorhal was the site of some diabolical experiments by the Scourge. But when they started tampering with time, the bronze dragonflight sent Chronormu to investigate. Chronormu set up a base of operations in the Andorhal inn, creating a time pocket in a single room.

There, operating from another time, free of the Scourge's infestation, Chronormu could investigate without contaminating the timeline. Uncommonly sociable for a bronze dragon, Chronormu took the form of a female gnome named Chromie. The bronze enlisted the aid of adventurers to assist, sending them to root out Temporal Parasites which were interfering with auguration.

To maintain the pocket universeChromie needed trinkets of time from the ruins of Andorhal. In return for these, Chromie crafted dampeners attuned to Arajthe lich who ruled over the broken city. When activated in his presence, they severely reduced the effectiveness of his spells and played an instrumental role in his downfall. The more time spent with these mortals, the more sympathetic the bronze agent became with their desperate plight and mourned the losses to the Scourge.

When Carlin Redpathhoping to undo the curse on the soul of his brother, heard about the strange little gnome, he sent his friends to speak with her, equipped with Joseph's wedding ring. Upon receiving the ring, Chromie immediately knew much of Joseph — that he was a great man who had suffered an unspeakable tragedy, and knew it was too late to save him in the present, but not in the past. Sending Carlin's agents into the ruins of Andorhal, they uncovered records detailing the fall of Darrowshireand the corruption of Joseph Redpath.

To help him, relics from that battle were needed. With Carlin's help, relics belonging to the heroes and villains of Darrowshire were assembled. Also needed were remains of many Scourge who participated in the battle, found by the use of a resonating crystal that could discern which of the Scourge in the Plaguelands had been there.

When all these were assembled, they were brought to Chromie, who cast a spell of time upon them and bid Carlin's friends to return to Darrowshire and place the bag of relics in the center of town. Chromie's spell would raise the spirits of The Battle of Darrowshireand they would reenact a pantomime of that tragic battle.

Chromie could only guide the mortals to their paths, not lead the way for them, and so Chromie bid Carlin's friends good luck, and returned to the investigations of Andorhal.See this card on Hearthpwn. Chromie is a neutral minion card, from the Arena unique set. Chromie is unique to the Arenaonly available to The Taverns of Time event and can only be obtained via drafting it during an Arena game. Chromie is uncraftable and cannot be crafted or be obtained from card packs.

Chromie is a very powerful but somewhat unpredictable card. In order to increase the odds of drawing an Epoch, try to draft more card draw than you normally would, or use card cycling like Possibility Seeker and Timeline Witness. While its hard to maximize Chromie's effect, there are few board states where Battle for Mount Hyjal and Culling of Stratholme are poor draws. Try to keep your hand at seven or fewer cards so you don't overdraw when drawing Escape from Durnholde and Opening the Dark Portal.

Chronormuor Chromie, is a member of the bronze dragonflight, led by Nozdormu. From Wowpedia :.

Can't See Chromie in Mechagon

Like WrathionChromie lacks the Dragon minion type despite being a dragon in lore, presumably because she is depicted in her gnome form on her card art. The cards generated by Chromie are based on instances accessible from the Caverns of Time. For details on the events themselves, see the cards' respective pages. Sign In. From Hearthstone Wiki. Jump to: navigationsearch. The subject of this article is part of The Taverns of Time event.

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GET REPUTATION FAST - How To Farm Nazjatar + Mechagon Rep - WoW BfA

This site is a part of Fandom, Inc. About Hearthstone Wiki Disclaimers Mobile view. Support Contact PRO.Ok, I made the mistake of getting revered with Nazjatar first and then moving to Mechagon.

Water under the bridge. I want to spend no more than 1 hour a day in Mechagon. After that I want to go do fun things in game. I saw the secret fish guide and will try that out this weekend. My understanding is that you can do that once a day for the rep gains, is that correct?

My understanding is that the pet battles are a one time rep gain, after that there is no point in repeating them, correct? Rares are a once a day rep gain, correct? What would you suggest that I make sure to do during that one hour a day to maximize reputation gains per day?

What is a reasonable expectation of daily reputation gain? Would recommend to avoid the fishing quest since each fish gives only 25 rep and take a while to get a hit on one of them. Mainly people kill the rares for the parts they can give for crafting and the spider mount. If you can get a buddy that has flying to help you out.

I personally have been holding off on my dailies to do them later with a buddy of mine who is a healer and would struggle on her own to do her dailies being that she has very limited time to play but still wants to earn her Pathfinder pt. All the blue! Wowhead posts a list of all available daily quests in Mechagon every day. Some of them are in out of the way places.

The next time Chromie is up, farm the blueprint for the time displacer so you can do the 3 dailies in that area too. Look and see if Chromie is there. If so, do her quest, go to the other place, and get the blueprint which will low you to go to the Other Place each day. The Other Place has quests every day as well.Visitors in Mechagon are visible for a full day, and then replaced with a new visitor the next day. To see which visitors are active you can check fansites that track Mechagon visitors.

Note: Chromie will not appear for characters who have completed the Introductory questline for Mechagon in the same daily cycle.

chromie mechagon

If this is the case for you, your character will see her the next time she appears. Overwatch League. Log In. Promotional popup has appeared. My Tickets. Contact Support. Can't See Chromie in Mechagon Updated: 2 months ago.

Relevant Products:. Common Problems I can't see Chromie but everyone else can Chromie isn't here to give me a daily quest in Mechagon.

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chromie mechagon

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chromie mechagon

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