I think gun is about 20yrs old. Bryco Arms fate was bankruptcy, they have some good Firearms but they are not worth a ton. Good luck. Bryco was part of the 'ring of fire' manufacturers along with Jennings, Lorcin, Davis and a few others.

They all went bankrupt and reopened whenever they got sued for someone being hurt or killed. They were largely responsible for many of the absurd california gun restrictions we have now.

Aside from that, they collectively made millions of pocket pistols from exceedingly cheap materials. Average shape pistol with 2 clips if used be sure to test fire the gun first to verify it doesn't malfunction with no documentation or box One with all documentation, unfired, clips, etc. This is an excellent conceal and carry pistol that has very little recoil and is perfect for pocket, purse, or small pocket holster.

Turn it in to Police when they have gun buyback. It's not worth risking your life or another's life. I had Bryco After couple of hundred rounds three times at the rangeback piece that holds the slide broke off and slide jumped out on shooting, scaring the hell out of me.

I think this is considered catastrophic failure, but young, poor, and foolish I was. I got replacement part and tried again. I never dare shoot this gun with cracked frame. Bryco Jennings were horrible, evil little excuses of firepower Answer Save.

Jennings Firearms This Site Might Help You. Tahoeguy Lv 7. Dont sell it to a friend. How do you think about the answers?

bryco 38 380 auto

You can sign in to vote the answer. Mik K. That, and they didn't cycle half the time. Never again.Discussion in ' General Handgun ' started by pachucoJun 16, Log in or Sign up. Jun 16, 1. I recently came into possession of a Model 38 auto Jennings Firearms made by Bryco arms and I have heard some pretty scary things about them. It was an old gun of my pops and he gave it to me. I read that they are defected guns and are "junk guns" and "saturday night specials.

From what I know the company is no longer in business do to a lawsuit. It functions thus far but I haven't fired it yet. I've taken it apart and put it back together just fine. What should I do with this pistol? From what I read about the lawsuit, the safety has to be off to unload and that's how an accident happened to someone. Jun 16, 2. I'd use it as a trade-in on a nice quality-made pistol Some folks have done alright with 'em, but I'd sooner trust my life to a rubber-band zip-gun.

Jun 16, 3. They were made from pot-metal, zinc, soft alloys like that. I wouldn't trust it.

Can someone tell me value of a 'BRYCO 38' .380 auto pistol ?

Jun 16, 4. I owned two of them up until a year ago. One was blue, and one was silver. They both shot OK, but would bite the web between my thumb and finger. Ten ManJun 16, Jun 16, 5.

Bryco-Jennings Firearms Model 38 380 auto

I have one too and they are good for the first shot at point plank range thats about it. It is about as useless of a gun as I have ever seen, if you dont have a high firm grib on it, it will jam every other shot on a good day and if you do have a high firm grip it is going to bite the webbing on your hand.

On top of that at 10 feet from a shooting vice this thing shot like 10 inch groups!! Not even kidding. It would be better of greater use if you wield the ejection port and muzzle closed and used it as a paper weight. I hate to say that about a gun but in this case it really is about that bad.

Last edited: Jun 16, Tha DaveJun 16, Jun 16, 6. Jun 16, 7. Jun 16, 8. First I will say I am not a gun snob. I have a Hi-Point in the safe right next to a Browning. I like guns that work as they should regardless of the price.All Rights Reserved.

The material on this site can not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with prior written permission of Multiply. Hottest Questions. Previously Viewed. Unanswered Questions. American Gun Company. How do you disassemble a Bryco Arms model 38 Auto? Wiki User Do yourself a favor, save up and buy a real gun.

It's better than nothing, I guess, but not by much. Related Questions Asked in Firearms How do you disassemble a jennings-bryco model 58 auto? Best thing to do is to ask a gunsmith for help.

Check out this web site for your answer. Asked in Firearms Where can you purchase a clip for a Bryco Jennings auto model 38? If you're looking for a magazine, online auction sites such as Gun Broker, Auction Arms, Armslist, and Guns America would probably be the place to start. Asked in Firearms What is a bryco jennings auto model 58 worth?

Asked in Savage Arms and J. Stevens How much is a Savage Arms revelation model worth? Revelation was a Western Auto name. The Western Auto is really a Savage Best to ask a gunsmith for help. Asked in Smith and Wesson How do you disassemble a 9 mm smith and Wesson ? If you go to You-Tube and type in disassemble of Smith and Wesson model ;there should be a video of the steps needed to take down your smith and Wesson semi-auto 9mm.

Asked in Colt Pistols and Rifles How do you disassemble the colt 32? Revolver or semi-auto? Asked in Smith and Wesson How do you disassemble smith and Wesson model super 12 semi auto shotgun? Asked in Firearms Why the jennings bryco auto so inexpensive? Bryco Arms was founded in the wake of the Gun Control Act ofwhich effectively banned the further importation of cheap pistols commonly referred to as "Saturday Night Specials". Asked in Browning Firearms What year was serial Browning shotgun manufactured?

What model is this for? The serial number is not a Auto-5 number of Browning Arms Co. Asked in Firearms How do you disassemble a hawes 25 auto? Ask a gunsmith for help. Is the model marked? Take it to a gunsmith and ask for help. Asked in Firearms What is simplest semi auto handgun? Springfield out of Westfield, Mass.You would have a hard time giving it away.

It is truly one of the worst pistols ever made and have had catastrophic failures resulting in injury to the user. The ONE case in which the "user" was injured was a situation in which the shooter shot his friend negligently. This is a cheap gun but I wouldn't overdramatize. It's funny, you always hear stories about these blowing up, but in over thirty years of working on guns, I've never seen an example either on the internet or in person. I know of two others who own the same 48 and like it and would not even think of getting rid of it.

I'm questioning these replies up here on yahoo, because they are the exact same replies as I have seen on a question about a Raven. I hope this helps. Good lord It is a fair carry gun caliber, as they're for smaller guns, if concealment is your objective They're a tad smaller diameter than a 9MM, which is the most common carry gun caliber. Though the guns themselves are usually bigger, and heavier. They have never been known to blow up as the myths claim, but they are a cheap substandard pot metal gun that will not stand up to any real use.

They are at best last ditch guns for those that can not afford something better and are better than a sharp stick and can also double as a rock if worse comes to worse. Turn it in to Police when they have gun buyback. It's not worth risking your life or another's life. I had Bryco After couple of hundred rounds three times at the rangeback piece that holds the slide broke off, scaring the hell out of me. I think this is considered catastrophic failure, but young, poor, and foolish I was.

I got replacement part and tried again. I never dare shoot this gun with cracked frame. Bryco arms pistol with 2 clips auto. Answer Save. Erika Lv 4.

bryco 38 380 auto

This Site Might Help You. RE: what is a Bryco pistol worth?Order by:. Available to:. The book was written by Michael A. A famous author who has been writing manuals on proper gun care and maintenance for over 20 years. This manual was written so that anyone can understand the instructions. Not just an engineer or gunsmith. On orders that do not have the correct shipping address in paypal and are returned to me.

I will either refund the purchase price minus actual shipping or will reship it, but the buyer will have to repay the actual shipping cost. If you have any problem with the order or product. I want happy customers! I have a 14 day return policy. Powered by The free listing tool. List your items fast and easy and manage your active items. Conceal Holster Pink Small Auto. Suede leather thumb brake holster for small semi auto.

I used it with a Bryco Jennings. It is used but in good functional condition. I do not know the maker. I will not ship out of the US. Listing is for the holster only.Do not use the box until it has been replaced by Browning.

Failure to follow these instructions could result in injury or death to yourself or others. In all cases, only the original Buck Mark box is to be returned. Please call our office and inform us which box you own.

When we receive your call we will verify and record which box you own. If you have a box to be recalled, you will be sent a special Buck Mark Box Recall Kit to expedite the return and replacement of your Buck Mark box. We apologize for this inconvenience.

There will be no charge for the replacement and all shipping costs will be prepaid by Browning. If the primer of a cartridge comes in contact with internal parts, such as the tip of the ejector, an unintentional discharge may result. This occurs while the port is open and without the trigger being pulled.

This situation is extremely dangerous and could result in serious injury. When this occurs the pistol will fire even though the magazine has been removed from the pistol. At no time during this process does the trigger need to be pulled for discharge. During the testing of a Full Auto Conversion of a Calico, M Pistol by a forensic firearms examiner it was noted that alteration of internal parts had taken place.

Testing of laboratory reference firearms that had not been altered revealed a condition where these model pistols will fire without a pull of the trigger. In the unaltered pistols, during the charging sequence cocking the striker to chambering a cartridge there existed a point of demarcation in bolt travel where a unique situation occurs.

Jennings Bryco 380 Dart Gun?!?!

At that point the bolt is retracted far enough to the rear to strip a cartridge from the magazine, but not far enough to lock the striker and sear. If the charging handle is released, the bolt will accelerate forward under spring tension chambering and firing a cartridge. Some of these rifles may have a manufacturing defect of the engaging surfaces in the trigger-hammer-sear assembly, which can cause intermittent failure of the sear to hold the hammer in a cocked position.

This condition can result in the unexpected firing as a round is chambered, without pulling the trigger, or if the weapon is jarred or dropped. This condition may also result in sudden and unexpected automatic fire and loss of control of the firing weapon. Navy Arms Company strongly recommends that owners of Chinese SKS rifles have their weapons inspected for this defect by a competent and qualified gunsmith before using the weapon.

bryco 38 380 auto

If you own a Chinese SKS semiautomatic rifle from Navy Arms Company and believe your weapon needs a new sear, mail your sear with the serial number of your SKS to us at the address below, and include a self-addressed envelope. We will send you a free replacement sear. When firing any semiautomatic weapon for the first time, always follow these safety procedures:. Load two rounds into the magazine, and in a stable shooting position, with the muzzle pointed down range, pull the charging handle or slide back and let it fly forward to chamber the first round.

Do not ease the carrier or the slide into battery. If the weapon fires, cease firing immediately.The Bryco 38 is part of the tradition that companies like Raven and Jimenez started. They produced cheap semi-automatic handguns that have adopted the moniker of the Saturday Night Special. Both the cheap materials and cheap appearance of these firearms have given them an unjust reputation.

In my experience, these firearms always go bang when you pull the trigger. The Bryco 38 is no different. It is far from a great gun, but it is a cheap gun that works. The affordability of this gun offers the freedom to own a firearm to anyone. The Bryco 38 is a semi-automatic. The Bryco does suffer from some terrible sights, but the weapon was made for close range shooting. The trigger has a lot of slack, but breaks cleanly. The magazine holds six rounds giving you a total of seven with one in the chamber.

As I mentioned, the weapon is reliable as long as proper maintenance is applied. The weapon works best a little wet on the inside. These weapons do tend to pinch when cycling so you have to watch your hand.

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